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Lean Six Sigma Colleges-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum philadelphia

Before you start to consider Lean Six Sigma for your community college or life, it is important to understand the basics of it and how it can truly help you. First, you need to know it’s a business philosophy that focuses on innovation and improvement and combines Six Sigma with Lean principles. This ensures progress and growth while providing more value to clients and customers. Our team has used it for over ten years at Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Philadelphia High School Students of Pennsylvania. We are able to make Sigma accessible to educators and students at community colleges and explain why it is a great addition so all of them can reap benefits.

Lean Six Sigma is a method to improve efficiency and reduce variability in business processes. Over time, it has been proven to be applied to manufacturing and other business cycles. This is a marked improvement on its original use for manufacturing.

Its main purpose is to improve and automate any process. It can be used to improve education at all levels, including higher education.

This is possible because educators, professors, and the institution can use the method to ensure that students receive a better education thanks to how all community members learn what resources should be directed to the classroom and the steps that make all processes wasteful.

Community colleges are there to help students grow and improve their skills so that they have better career opportunities. It is not about teaching the methods but also about how to implement them in their communities.

Colleges should also aim for Sigma to support educators and professors with their methods and equip education systems to prepare students accordingly.

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What Makes LSS Useful for The Community?

LSS is a blend of Six Sigma and Lean methodologies. Its structure and principles are based on continuous improvement, waste reduction, and continuous growth.

The main point to remember is that LSS uses the DMAIC approach and can be adapted for community colleges. DMAIC stands as:

  • Define the problem.
  • Measure processes’ performance.
  • Analyze all data to find the root cause.
  • Improve processes by finding solutions.
  • Control your process so that solutions don’t become ineffective in the long term and short-term.

Training in Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training or Green Belt Training will help save time and decrease problems for anyone who is trained and able to use it in a business, college, or personal goal.

The Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Pros of Philadelphia course has been a tremendous help to our main community college as well as other colleges across the state. The method is beneficial for educators and students as well as all others involved in the community as they learn new skills, improve their personal ones that were developed long ago, and learn about new methods to boost their careers.

What Are the Benefits of LSS Training & Certification?

LSS provides a range of tools that can help with process problems.

Remember that LSS can be used in any industry, field, or discipline. If you’re a student interested in learning it, this will allow you to contribute more to your future employer.

You’ll be happy to learn that the average salary for Lean Six Sigma practitioners has increased by 5-8% if you are an educator or student. This is because institutions and employers recognize the importance of Lean Six Sigma and are willing to hire trained people.

How can you make sure that everyone in your college has access to this training?

For more information about our training and certifications, we recommend you to contact us. We are the most recognized company in the state, and each certificate is recognized in the USA and internationally.

If you have students or educators, or if education is something that interests you and you have not done any Sigma-related work so far, we recommend you start with a Yellow Belt, and we will help you set the program or include you in our classes and personal training.

We will offer certification after you have completed your training. To verify your knowledge and to give approval, you will need to take one of our exams for it.

We can adjust the time and schedule depending on whether it’s a group or individual program. To ensure that there is enough time for both students and teachers, we offer many monthly programs for communities.

For more information, please contact us via email or phone. You’re welcome to fill out our contact form as well.